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    See|Me Editorial : An Interview with Ton Voortman 
    Grand Prize Winner Emerge Competition 2022 

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    or :https://www.see.me/a-broad-canvas//interview-with-ton-voortman

    “In 2019, during an exhibition on Guernsey, I was inspired by the huge stones on the flat beach. The stones were totally or partly enclosed by sand and water. It was, as it were, a new translation of the symbiosis I had tried to represent until then.
    Afterwards I looked again at old work and sketches from the old days at the academy. During the lockdown of 2020 I got stuck for months in my French studio, far away from everything that was familiar to me and depending on the materials available there. The result is a series of works that are totally Antoniem* to my figurative work."


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